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Tattoo classics and their meaning

vintage tattoos sailors
Tattoos have been around for centuries, in many different shapes and sizes. But it’s a specific set of symbolic tattoos from the past that played such an important role, that they remain popular to this day. The vintage trend that has been going on for years now in the fashion world also plays a major role here. If you like said vintage trend and would you also like a tattoo that fits that style, then make sure to pick the one that’s right for you. The symbolic meaning of some of the most common vintage tattoos can be found right below.

Maritime tattoos

vintage ship tattoo

Maritime tattoos are of course very popular with sailors, but they also found their way to the masses because of their deep symbolic value. The tattoos used to symbolize a certain phase in the life of the sailor, such as a memory of a place where he once visited. They also used to function as talismans against bad luck. We’ve listed a couple of types of maritime tattoos down below.

1. The swallow tattoo

swallow tattooswallow tattoo
The swallow tattoo has many different meanings. The first meaning would be indicating that the sailor wearing the tattoo, has sailed for 5000 nautical miles (9.260 km), a milestone not every sailor managed to reach. It’s a type of status symbol, which is still in use today. The swallow is also linked to the idea of “returning”. Returning to the mainland and loved ones. Not just because swallows return to where they were born every year, no matter how far away they are, but also because people used to believe that when a sailor died at sea, his soul would be brought back by birds. The swallow also happened to be a symbol of good fortune. If a sailor would spot swallows, for instance during a storm, he would know that the ship had almost reached land.

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2. The anchor tattoo

Anchor-Tattoo vintage anchor tattoo
The anchor is of vital importance to any sailor. It symbolizes stability and peace. These tattoos are often combined with the name of a loved one, to symbolize a “safe harbor”. Anchor tattoos are very popular with couples that shares a passion for the sea. They often have the exact same tattoo, in order to show that they are forever linked together, even when one of them is out at sea. In the past, the anchor tattoo also symbolized the sailor having crossed the equator or traversed the Atlantic ocean. It was used to show the sailor’s level of experience.
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3. The shark tattoo

shark tattoo shark tattoo
The shark tattoo is often chosen by people that want to show that they will stand up for themselves, are strong and will not be pushed around. The original meaning in the maritime world was that the shark tattoo symbolized the hardships and difficulties that one has to overcome, both out at sea and back on shore.
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4. The nautical star tattoo

nautical star tattoo nautical star tattoo
The nautical star helps the sailor to stay on course and ensures a safe voyage back home.

5. The mermaid tattoo

vintage mermaid tattoo vintage mermaid tattoo
The mermaid, half woman and half fish, is still a subject of fascination. According to legend, she seduces sailors by singing for them, guiding them to their doom. It is supposed to be a metaphor for the sea being both very alluring and dangerous at the same time.
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Women and love

A lot of vintage tattoos refer to women or love in general.

1. The pinup tattoo

pin-uptattoo pin-uptattoo
Pinup tattoos are still very popular. Woman, most often in a 1950 style, with colored lips and seductive curves, are very popular in the tattoo world. They symbolize sensuality, femininity and seduction. They are often combined with other, smaller tattoos, such as cherries.
Do you like your look to be a little bit sexy? Then take a look at our temporary pin up tattoo collection.

2. Tattoos from the heart

rose faith tattoo heart tattoo
No matter how cliché it might sound, nothing symbolizes love as much as a heart. These tattoos are therefore true classics. There are countless tattoo designs, ranging from very simple to very complex ones. They can for instance involve flowers surrounding the heart, possibly the name of a loved one or even an arrow piercing right through. The possibilities are endless. Those who are less fortunate with their love life, can opt for a tattoo showing a broken heart.
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3. The rose tattoo

rose tattoo vintage rose tattoo
Roses, and especially the red variant, have always been linked to love and beauty. They can be used individually or in combination with other tattoos, such a heart or a woman’s portrait, but also with skulls and weapons. The color of the rose can be used to communicate specific meaning, such as red for love, pink for grace, black for disaster and death, and white for purity.
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Animal tattoos

eagle tattoo

The animal world offers tons of inspiration when it comes to creating tattoos. Every animal has its own characteristics and personality, which allows people to identify with a specific animal. That makes people think little bit longer before deciding on what animal tattoo they want, as they want to use the animal that they identify most with.

1. The eagle tattoo

eagle tattoo eagle tattoo
The eagle is one of the animals that is used most often, especially in the US. The animal is one of the country’s symbols, making it incredibly popular with military personnel and patriotic citizens. The eagle symbolizes honor, courage, independence and freedom.
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2. The snake tattoo

snake tattoo snake tattoo
Tattoos involving snakes can have numerous meanings, all depending on the individual tattoo. Snakes that are ready for action or that appear to be attacking, symbolize aggression, evil and danger. If the snake is curled up or depicted in a less threatening way, it usually symbolizes renewal. This is because have the habit of renewing by shedding their skin. This also gives the tattoo a possible meaning of “starting anew”.
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3. The dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo golden-dragon-tattoo
The mythical dragon, often referring to Chinese or Japanese culture, is found in many different shapes and forms. With and without wings, with and without scales, threatening or cartoony, with and without horns. The Japanese dragons are often small, brightly colored, wingless, and with only three claws. They symbolize balance, freedom and happiness. The Chinese version has 5 claws and is often depicted together with some form of fire. The Chinese dragon symbolizes one half of yin and yang, the phoenix depicts the other half. This is how the Chinese people see the “balance” in a dragon or the balance between good and evil.

Temporary vintage tattoos?

Temporary vintage tattoos are smoking hot and will stay that way for quite a while to come. Are you still in doubt about whether or not you want to have a vintage tattoo? Or do you want to switch things up every once in a while? Then get yourself a temporary vintage tattoo! You can find our temporary vintage collection right here.

Have fun!

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Top 20 celebrity tattoos

Do you want to feel fully connected to your idol? Then forget those fan-t shirts, wrist name tags or smart phone cases. They say very little about who your favourite celebrity really is. If you prefer something more personal, then go for for temporary tattoos that are indistinguishable from those that the A-list stars have!Below is an overview of the most popular celebrity tattoos.

1. Robbie Williams’ Maori tattoo

robbie_wiliams_maori_tattooThis is by far Robbie Williams’ most popular tattoo. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. The undulating pattern of the tattoo symbolises the twists and turns that life can take. What to know more? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Robbie Williams.

2. Rihanna’s stars tattoo

rihanna stars tattoo largeRihanna also had several tattoos inked over the years. These elegant small stars adorn her back. The tattoo refers to her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. The stars correspond to the three stars he had tattooed behind his ear. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Rihanna.

3. Lady Gaga’s rhythmic rose tattoo


Although she was initially very proud of her first tattoo, a treble clef on her lower back, she had the tattoo covered up in 2008 with a rose tattoo by renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Lady Gaga.

4. Amy Winehouse’s Cynthia tattoo

amy_winehouse_cynthia_tattooThe famous Cynthia tattoo of Amy Winehouse refers, oddly enough, to her grandmother. It is one of the most popular tattoos of the star, who unfortunately died far too early. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Amy Winehouse.

5. Justin Timberlake’s Celtic cross

timberlake_celtic_cross_tattooA large cross is tattooed on Justin’s left arm. Justin comes from Memphis, a city in the so-called ‘Bible belt’ of the US, where religion is very important. Want to find out more about his tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Justin Timberlake

6. Miley Cyrus’s dreamcatcher

dream-catcher-miley-cyrus-tattooMiley had this dreamcatcher tattoo done in 2011. The real dream catcher hangs above her bed and also has four feathers, which represent her four brothers and sisters. The dreamcatcher is intended to protect them.

7. Amy Winehouse’s Hello Sailor tattoo

amy_winehouse_hello_sailor_tattooDespite her death in 2011, Amy Winehouse is more popular than ever. It is no wonder then that the temporary Amy tattoos are doing very well, including this second tattoo in the list; the famous ‘Hello Sailor’ tattoo, which has that typical vintage look.

8. Pink’s barcode

pink barcode tattooPink is yet another star with an excellent taste in tattoos. The barcode tattoo on her neck contains all kinds of symbolic numbers. ’13′ is her lucky number, ’9879′ is her date of birth and ’112001′ is the release date of her album M!ssundaztood (20 November 2001).

9. Justin Bieber’s owl

justin-bieber-owl-temporary-tattooJustin Bieber has this owl tattooed in 2012. The owl traditionally represents wisdom and was also used during Justin’s ‘Believe’ tour. Want to find out more? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Justin Bieber.

10. Sienna Miller’s swallow tattoo

Sienna Miller swallow tattooSwallow tattoos have been around for over 100 years. The British model Sienna Miller therefore chose a very traditional tattoo design, which is now really trendy again.

11. Kate Moss tattoos


That other British model Kate Moss, is also in the top choices when it comes to temporary tattoos. The small tattoos are perfect for those who like to keep them a little more subtle.

12. Chacun à son goût – Robbie Williams

Chacun-A-Son-Gout-Robbie-WilliamsWe see the slogan ‘Chacun a son goût’ on Robbie’s chest, roughly translated as: each to their own taste. It was by far his most painful tattoo. The tattoo artist had to stop every 15 minutes because Robbie could no longer handle it. Fortunately, you can stick on the temporary tattoo painlessly.

13. Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo

pamela_anderson_barbed_wire_tattooBaywatch babe Pamela Anderson still has a lot of allure. Her famous barbed wire tattoo is therefore also very sought after by temporary tattoo fans.

14. Rihanna’s Shhh tattoo

Rihanna shhh tattooRihanna also deserves to appear in this list for a second time. Her ‘Shhh…’ tattoo was copied by incredibly many people, until people began to think it was too unoriginal. But as a temporary tattoo it is of course possible…

15. Britney Spears’s fairy

britney_spears_fairy_tattooBritney Spears’s fairy tattoo is her most famous tattoo. She has it on her lower back. Fairies symbolise childlikeness and fantasy.

16. Demi Lovato’s ‘Stay Strong’ tattoo

stay strong demi lovatoThis is the American singer Demi Lovato’s most famous tattoo. She had the Stay Strong tattoo done in 2011, after she had just been hospitalised for bulimia and self-mutilation. She therefore had the tattoo deliberately inked on the scars on her wrists. She sees them as a reminder to stay positive.

17. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow tattoo

jack sparrow temporary tattooJohnny Depp’s alter ego in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films, is etched in everyone’s memory. This temporary Jack Sparrow tattoo gives you a tough rugged look instantly.

18. What goes around comes around – Pink

pink-what-goes-around-comes-around-temporary-tattooProverbs always do well, both for permanent and temporary tattoos. Pink’s second tattoo in the list, ‘What goes around comes around’, she has had since she was 17. She really believes in karma: whoever does something good gets something good back and vice versa.

19. The Dark Mark from Harry Potter

Dark mark tattoo Harry PotterThere are few books that are as popular with the young and old as the Harry Potter series. Temporary tattoos of the dark mark can therefore not be left out.

20. Marilyn Monroe tattoo

megan-fox-marilyn-monroe-tattoooMarilyn Monroe still very much captures the imagination. Are you going for a sexy, vintage look? Then you can’t go wrong with this temporary tattoo.

Mix & Match

Can’t make your mind up? Tattoo For A Week has complied celebrity sets especially for fans of temporary celebrity tattoos. There are Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Rihanna sets. The sets contain all the temporary tattoos from our selection of that specific artist, with 25% discount!

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20 tattoos to make you shine this summer!

Now that temperatures are going up, it’s time to start getting your summer look on fleek. What better way to do that than with a few new outfits, summer swag and (of course) temporary tattoos. They’ll be fly af this summer too. Here’s a rundown of 20 tats worth checking out. There’s something for everyone!

1. Golden dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher foil temporary tattoo

It’s probably no surprise to you that there’s an arsenal of gold and silver tats in this list. The summer is the perfect time for one of these gems. They’ll add a touch of bling to your bronzed skin! This golden dreamcatcher is a fabulous fit for your shoulder blade.

2. White lace tattoos

white lace temporary tattoo

There’s nothing more beautiful than a white ink tattoo on brown skin. The white lace tattoos are elegant, feminine and go with almost any outfit!

3. Dragonfly watercolor tattoo

water color tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are incredibly popular. The colors are bold and the brush and dab application technique with a rough outline will make heads turn. Many watercolor tattoos are permanent, but temporary ones are just as eye-catching to say the least. What do you think of this temporary butterfly tattoo?

4. Golden butterfly tattoo

golden butterfly tattoonie temporary tattoo

Golden butterfly tattoos by Tattoonie really sparkle in the sunlight and reflect quite nicely. Put a few of these on your back to achieve a maximum effect! Check out our blog post about Tattoonie and discover the full collection!

5. Playful summer tattoos

montattoo play collection

It’s all fun and games in the summer, so Montattoo created a sheet of specially-made summer tattoos you can sport just for fun. Get your laugh on with an ice pop, pineapple, starfish, funny quote or whatever floats your boat. More about Montattoo and their full collection can be found on our blog post!

6. Marine-themed tattoos

anchor tattoonie

Going sailing this summer? Then you better look the part! Between a petite anchor, vintage sailor girl, three-master, and more, you’ll be able to find a popular temporary tattoo to fit the theme. And they look every bit as real as the permanent tats. What do you think of these anchor tattoos?

7. Summer quotes

golden words collection montattoo

You can’t go wrong with quotes or sayings in the tattoo world. So, Montattoo has made a tattoo sheet with all kinds of summer sayings to get you in the spirit. They’re perfect for those who love more subtle tattoos.

8. Bohemian tattoos

bohemian tattoos music festival

For lots of people, the summer means hitting up festival after festival after festival. They are great places to let loose, and people often choose to rock the bohemian look, a style that originated at large festivals in the 60’s. Temporary tattoos work well for this too. Take your pick of flowers, retro patterns, gold or bold colors… anything goes! For more inspiration, check out our blog post on festival tattoos.

9. Strawberry tattoo

sweet strawberry temporary tattoo

For the youngest of the bunch, we carry a wide range of fun, temporary tattoos. Isn’t this little strawberry face-tattoo just precious?

10. Golden jewelry skin tattoos

flash temporary tattoo

You can do a whole lot with gold and silver tattoos. What’s very trendy right now are tattoos that resemble jewelry. Real jewelry on the beach isn’t always the best idea, so this is the perfect solution! Need inspiration? Check out our blog post on these super trendy gold and silver tattoos.

11. Jellyfish watercolor tattoo


Any references to the beach and the seaside are, of course, super popular during the summer, even if it’s a dreaded jellyfish. The detailing in these temporary watercolor tattoos and the rich turquoise color won’t go unnoticed on your arm. Everyone will be ready for that jelly.

12. Hibiscus tattoo

hibiscus glitter temporary tattoo

We can’t forget colorful flower tats. This temporary tattoo of a glittery hibiscus will put a smile on your face in an instant! It will be an even bigger hit if you match the color of your outfit with it!

13. Friendship bracelets

temporar friendship bracelets

Summer is just the time for meeting new people while traveling, at festivals, at beach parties, and at the bar, etc. Remember those friendship bracelets you used to make at summer camp? Well, here they are now in the form of temporary tattoos. The concept is simple: you can each get matching temporary tattoos to signify your new friendship. With this neon collection of Flash tattoos and the Rainforest Partnership, you’ll even be helping a good cause!

14. Golden sun tattoo

foil sun temporary tattoo

Don’t let a rainy day get you down this summer! Let the sun shine anyway with sun foil tattoos.

15. Tantoos

tantoo suntan tattoo

Tantoos are like inverse tattoos that result from tanning with a stencil on your skin. Just put on the stencil, lay out for a while, and a cool drawing will be left behind. There’s gotta be something in our collection of tantoos that work for you!

16. Temporary bikini tattoo

bikini lower back temporary tattoo

Found the perfect bikini? Top it off with a tribal tattoo on your lower back! Check out our tribal tattoos to go with your bikini here!

17. Prism foil tattoos

prismfoil tattoo

Prism foil tattoos are one of a kind. They combine a glowing, metallic look with deep, bold colors. They are perfect for a day on the beach!

18. Festival tattoos

braedon festival temporary tattoo

You’ve seen them before… those festival junkies who come back after the summer adorning row upon row of festival armbands. There are other ways to do this, of course! More and more festivals are letting you get temporary tattoos instead. Put them on in a plainly visible spot and you’ll totally fit with the trend!

19. Safety tattoos for kids

safety tattoos children

It’s the fear of any parent or camp counselor. Imagine being out for a day at the beach and one of the kiddos goes missing. Terrifying, right? Temporary tattoos can be very helpful in these situations. These days, you can already find kids at the beach sporting temporary tattoos of the parents’ phone number, emergency services, or even disclosures about any allergies the child may have. Safety first, so do it with a temporary tattoo! Order your safety tattoos here.

20. Temporary glitter tattoos

glitter butterfly tattoo

Let the sun reflect from your dazzling glitter tattoo! Butterflies and their bold colors are obviously well suited for these tattoos. In our offering of butterfly glitter tattoos, you can be sure there’s one that works for you!

Have a great summer!