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Top 15 holographic tattoos

Tattoonie holographic tattoos

Holographic tattoos are temporary tattoos with a rainbow-coloured, iridescent effect. Depending on the light, they change colour. This makes them somewhat more special than the other foil tattoos. The holographic tattoos are playful, young and perfect for a party. Temporary tattoo brands, such Tattoonie, Montattoo and Tattify, have created the most varied designs.

Below are our top 15 holographic tattoos!

1. Holographic butterfly tattoo

Butterfly holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

2. Holographic alien tattoo

Alien holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

3. Holographic ‘no good’ tattoo

holografische no good tattoo

4. Holographic scales tattoo

Scales holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

5. Holographic star tattoo

Stars holographic tattoo by Tattoonie 2

6. Holographic lightning tattoo

lightning holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

7. Holographic ‘Rock On’ tattoo

Rock on holographic tattoo by Montattoo

8. Holographic skull tattoo

Skull holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

9. Holographic Chinese tattoo

Chinese signs holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

10. Holographic dotwork tattoo

Dots holographic tattoo by Montattoo

11. Holographic pineapple tattoo

Pineaple holographic tattoo by Tattoonie

12. Holographic Diamond Tattoo

Diamond holographic tattoo by Montattoo

13. Holographic ‘bad girl’ tattoo

holografische bad girl tattoo

14. Holographic smiley tattoo

smily holographic tattoo by Tantoonie

15. Holographic twerk tattoo

holographic twerk tattoo by tattoonie

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Sun tattoos

chanel tantoo

Will you be visiting an exotic destination this summer? Will you be enjoying the sun at the pool or the beach? Then try a sun tattoo or tan-too! You can apply the sun tattoo sticker anywhere on your body and wait for the sun do its job. After a while you can show everyone your sun tattoo by simply removing the sticker. Sun tattoos became a real boom at the beach last year! And the trend is sure to continue…

Be careful! A sunburn is dangerous. Be sure to read our tips for safe sunbathing at the bottom of the article.

Sexy sun tattoos

The summer is the time to show your toned body. Make your looks even more seductive with these sexy tattoos!

Like these sultry lips

lip tantoo

Or what about a tan-too that hints of lace…

lace effect tantoo

These tan-toos send a very clear message…

hot tantoo

sexy tantoo

Feminine sun tattoos
The sun tattoo trend is especially popular with women. These tan-toos emphasize your beautiful holiday tan even more. The most popular of the feminine tan-toos are the flowers, the butterflies, hearts and cute animals…

hawaian flower tantoo

heart tantoo

dolphin tantoo

birds tantoo

turtle tantoo

butterfly tantoo

Funny sun tattoos
Men however, usually prefer witty sun tattoos…

bike tantoo

sunburn smiley

superman tantoo

Artful tattoos
Some tan-too fans feel sun tattoos should be a work of art, just like permanent tattoos.

Take a look at this amazing Mona-Lisa:

mona lisa tantoo

This lady applies all kinds of stickers to her body during sunbathing. The tan-too serves as an accessory to her evening dress.

giraffe tantoo

You can also achieve a great result with a simple T-shirt. Make sure that your T-shirt offers a tight fit, otherwise the lining might blur.

elegant tantoo

Not that much of an artist yourself? Take a look at our complete collection of tan-toos! They are easy to apply to your body. Just follow the instructions.

Be careful!
No matter how gorgeous a tanned skin looks, you should never endanger your own health. Everyone knows that solar radiation can do a lot of damage. Therefore it’s important that you takes sufficient precautions. Please read the following tips!

1. Always apply sunblock cream with a high protection factor. Use at least factor 20. Make sure to apply a sufficiently thick layer. That’s also the method the manufacturer uses to classify the factor of the cream. Make sure to buy a new bottle every year, as sunblock cream quickly loses its effectiveness.

Do not sunbath for more than 30 minutes, without protection.

2. Apply sunblock cream every two hours and make sure to reapply directly after swimming, even if the bottle states the contained cream is “waterproof”.

3. Do not sunbath between 12:00 AM and 03:00 PM. During this period the sun is at its zenith and the risk of sunburn is at its highest. Be aware that you also tan whilst in the shadows. Even if you do not sit directly in the sun, about 50% of the UV radiation will still reach your skin. Make sure to apply sufficient sunblock cream!

4. If despite all the precautions your skin still turns red or starts feeling burned, please make sure to move out of the sun and apply an after tanning lotion. The after tanning lotion should ideally contain some aloe vera.

5. When you wear a tan-too sticker, you have to be careful when removing the sticker and going back into the sun. The skin below the sticker will start tanning, but as it was protected from the sun by the sticker, it will be more sensitive to sunlight. Make sure to apply sufficient sun blocking cream!

Enjoy your tan-too this summer, but don’t forget about your health!

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Tattoo classics and their meaning

vintage tattoos sailors
Tattoos have been around for centuries, in many different shapes and sizes. But it’s a specific set of symbolic tattoos from the past that played such an important role, that they remain popular to this day. The vintage trend that has been going on for years now in the fashion world also plays a major role here. If you like said vintage trend and would you also like a tattoo that fits that style, then make sure to pick the one that’s right for you. The symbolic meaning of some of the most common vintage tattoos can be found right below.

Maritime tattoos

vintage ship tattoo

Maritime tattoos are of course very popular with sailors, but they also found their way to the masses because of their deep symbolic value. The tattoos used to symbolize a certain phase in the life of the sailor, such as a memory of a place where he once visited. They also used to function as talismans against bad luck. We’ve listed a couple of types of maritime tattoos down below.

1. The swallow tattoo

swallow tattooswallow tattoo
The swallow tattoo has many different meanings. The first meaning would be indicating that the sailor wearing the tattoo, has sailed for 5000 nautical miles (9.260 km), a milestone not every sailor managed to reach. It’s a type of status symbol, which is still in use today. The swallow is also linked to the idea of “returning”. Returning to the mainland and loved ones. Not just because swallows return to where they were born every year, no matter how far away they are, but also because people used to believe that when a sailor died at sea, his soul would be brought back by birds. The swallow also happened to be a symbol of good fortune. If a sailor would spot swallows, for instance during a storm, he would know that the ship had almost reached land.

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2. The anchor tattoo

Anchor-Tattoo vintage anchor tattoo
The anchor is of vital importance to any sailor. It symbolizes stability and peace. These tattoos are often combined with the name of a loved one, to symbolize a “safe harbor”. Anchor tattoos are very popular with couples that shares a passion for the sea. They often have the exact same tattoo, in order to show that they are forever linked together, even when one of them is out at sea. In the past, the anchor tattoo also symbolized the sailor having crossed the equator or traversed the Atlantic ocean. It was used to show the sailor’s level of experience.
Tattoo For A Week offers a broad range of anchor tattoos. Discover our temporary anchor tattoo collection. 

3. The shark tattoo

shark tattoo shark tattoo
The shark tattoo is often chosen by people that want to show that they will stand up for themselves, are strong and will not be pushed around. The original meaning in the maritime world was that the shark tattoo symbolized the hardships and difficulties that one has to overcome, both out at sea and back on shore.
Would you like to show to everybody you’re not to be messed with? Then take a look at our temporary shark tattoo collection. 

4. The nautical star tattoo

nautical star tattoo nautical star tattoo
The nautical star helps the sailor to stay on course and ensures a safe voyage back home.

5. The mermaid tattoo

vintage mermaid tattoo vintage mermaid tattoo
The mermaid, half woman and half fish, is still a subject of fascination. According to legend, she seduces sailors by singing for them, guiding them to their doom. It is supposed to be a metaphor for the sea being both very alluring and dangerous at the same time.
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Women and love

A lot of vintage tattoos refer to women or love in general.

1. The pinup tattoo

pin-uptattoo pin-uptattoo
Pinup tattoos are still very popular. Woman, most often in a 1950 style, with colored lips and seductive curves, are very popular in the tattoo world. They symbolize sensuality, femininity and seduction. They are often combined with other, smaller tattoos, such as cherries.
Do you like your look to be a little bit sexy? Then take a look at our temporary pin up tattoo collection.

2. Tattoos from the heart

rose faith tattoo heart tattoo
No matter how cliché it might sound, nothing symbolizes love as much as a heart. These tattoos are therefore true classics. There are countless tattoo designs, ranging from very simple to very complex ones. They can for instance involve flowers surrounding the heart, possibly the name of a loved one or even an arrow piercing right through. The possibilities are endless. Those who are less fortunate with their love life, can opt for a tattoo showing a broken heart.
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3. The rose tattoo

rose tattoo vintage rose tattoo
Roses, and especially the red variant, have always been linked to love and beauty. They can be used individually or in combination with other tattoos, such a heart or a woman’s portrait, but also with skulls and weapons. The color of the rose can be used to communicate specific meaning, such as red for love, pink for grace, black for disaster and death, and white for purity.
Chose your colour and take your pick from our temporary rose tattoo collection. 

Animal tattoos

eagle tattoo

The animal world offers tons of inspiration when it comes to creating tattoos. Every animal has its own characteristics and personality, which allows people to identify with a specific animal. That makes people think little bit longer before deciding on what animal tattoo they want, as they want to use the animal that they identify most with.

1. The eagle tattoo

eagle tattoo eagle tattoo
The eagle is one of the animals that is used most often, especially in the US. The animal is one of the country’s symbols, making it incredibly popular with military personnel and patriotic citizens. The eagle symbolizes honor, courage, independence and freedom.
Pick your style from our temporary eagle tattoo collection.

2. The snake tattoo

snake tattoo snake tattoo
Tattoos involving snakes can have numerous meanings, all depending on the individual tattoo. Snakes that are ready for action or that appear to be attacking, symbolize aggression, evil and danger. If the snake is curled up or depicted in a less threatening way, it usually symbolizes renewal. This is because have the habit of renewing by shedding their skin. This also gives the tattoo a possible meaning of “starting anew”.
Intrigued by these snake tattoos? Check out our collection of temporary snake tattoos.

3. The dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo golden-dragon-tattoo
The mythical dragon, often referring to Chinese or Japanese culture, is found in many different shapes and forms. With and without wings, with and without scales, threatening or cartoony, with and without horns. The Japanese dragons are often small, brightly colored, wingless, and with only three claws. They symbolize balance, freedom and happiness. The Chinese version has 5 claws and is often depicted together with some form of fire. The Chinese dragon symbolizes one half of yin and yang, the phoenix depicts the other half. This is how the Chinese people see the “balance” in a dragon or the balance between good and evil.

Temporary vintage tattoos?

Temporary vintage tattoos are smoking hot and will stay that way for quite a while to come. Are you still in doubt about whether or not you want to have a vintage tattoo? Or do you want to switch things up every once in a while? Then get yourself a temporary vintage tattoo! You can find our temporary vintage collection right here.

Have fun!