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7 Awesome Reasons to Date Tattooed Women

Make no mistake about it, the female body is a work of art. Now, add in some brightly colored body ink and you have transformed a beautiful thing into a spectacular one. Feminine beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and although they range in weight, hair color, and age, a lady covered in tattoos just seems to have a different level of dignity and confidence.
Just like the clothes that she wears, each tattoo gives each woman a completely different appeal. Girls with tattoos are definitely keepers, if you are not convinced, keep reading the following information of the 7 awesome reasons to be dating tattooed women.

Beautiful tattooed woman

1. She is Her Own Woman

There is no mistake that a tattooed woman is a complete individual, and she is not afraid to showcase her personality to the world. She does not waver on what she stands for, and she really believes in herself.

This girl is not easily swayed by the opinions of others, she knows who she is and her tattoos are an expression of her individuality. Tattooed girls are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, in fact, she thrives on being especially brave.

2. Easy to Get to Know

If you want to get to know a tattooed woman, just get close enough to look at her body ink and you will see what she really is all about. She is not afraid to literally wear her heart on her sleeve, so you can get a unique peek of her inner personality and spark up a conversation quite easily.

Tattooed woman

If you can connect with her ink, connecting with the girl is a breeze. She took the time to carefully choose her tattoo, so if you are taking notice, she is going to open up further and let you in just a little further. The easiest way to her heart, simply follow the ink and make sure you are paying close attention.

3. A Courageous Woman

Is there really anything sexier than a courageous woman? Must be why so many movies with super heroes who are women have been dominating the big screens in recent years. A woman who gets a tattoo is a super hero in her own right, she is a brave individual who is packed with endurance.

She can be a fearless fighter, and she knows exactly how much courage it takes to care for those around her. Not only will she always have your back, character is everything to her, and tattoos are a deeper expression of what she is made of. She isn’t afraid to say who she is, stand for what she believes, and fight for what she loves.

4. A Passionate Woman

One of the most appealing and sexy things about a woman is her passion, and passionate woman are all about getting inked. To a tattooed girl, her body ink is a part of her, they have life and they actually speak to you if you listen close enough.

Each tattoo that she has tells a story that she was so passionate about that she decided that it needed to become part of her body forever. She is passionate about life, love, and those who get to see all of her body.

These tattoos remind her on a daily basis of the most important things in her life. Just imagine for a minute if you connected on a sexual level with a tattooed woman, how intense that relationship would be.

Beautiful tattooed woman in bikini

5. A Committed Woman

If you have any reservations about finding a woman who will be committed to you, choosing a girl with body ink is an absolute step in the right direction. A tattooed woman tells you right up front that she is committed because she has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to what she has chosen to get inked on the body.

Her personality is to take things to the end, no games, all in, until the job is done. A committed woman is a passionate woman, a confident girl that you need to hold on to with both hands because they don’t come along too often.

6. The Mysterious Woman

If you knew everything about her before dating her, it could get boring real quick. If there was no excitement, no fire, no passion, then you are not going to commit to this relationship for any period. A tattooed woman has a dark side that really is intriguing, and for many guys it could take years to unravel her mysteries.

These tattooed woman are like dark thriller novels, and this mystery simply never gets old. Dating a girl with tattoos is all about not knowing what to expect from her, keeping things fresh, and watching this romance blossom on her terms.

Lethal tattooed woman

7. She is a Bad Ass

For all the reasons we talked about already and more, dating a tattooed woman is incredible. Think about it, this girl is a complete bad ass, and she doesn’t apologize for who she is, and that just adds to her allure.

She doesn’t need a black leather jacket, she doesn’t need any goth makeup, and she doesn’t need to talk the talk. Her tattoos allow her to project the image of a bad ass, and anyone within a few feet already feels her personality fill the room.

The ink is hers, she owns it, and she will get right in your face if need be. There is something sexy about a girl who can take care of herself.

So there you go, seven reasons you should be dating a tattooed woman! She really has it all, she is confident and outspoken. This girl tells it like it is, she believes in herself, and she is passionate about those things she is connected to.

She has a mysterious side that helps to keep the relationship on edge, you just want to keep turning the pages of this thriller and get deeper and deeper into her story. She is everything and more that you want in the perfect relationship, and once you find her, try your best to hold on to her.


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40 Fascinating Sternum Tattoo Designs and Ideas

40 Fascinating Sternum Tattoo Designs and Ideas

There’s no debating the remarkable beauty of a well executed sternum tattoo. The symmetrical significance of such a centralized location draws immediate attention to the design and makes it the perfect locale for any inked masterpiece.

Sternum tattoos are way cool but they’re definitely not for the faint of heart. Places like the breastplate, wrist, and even the skull where the skin rests directly against the bone are known for their tear-inducing tendencies. But don’t worry, once you see these designs you’ll probably agree that any amount of pain is worth becoming the permanent owner of something so beautiful. Behold, some truly spectacular sternum tattoo designs and ideas.

Blackwork floral arrangement

Blackwork floral sternum tattoo(Source)

Scrolling sailboat sternum tattoo

Scrolling sternum sailboat tattoo(Source)

Ornamental lion

Ornamental lion sternum tattoo(Source)

Colorful rose

Colorful rose sternum tattoo


Beam me up

UFO sternum tattoo(Source)

Blackwork peony bouquet

Peony sternum tattoo(Source)

Watercolor bird

Watercolor bird sternum tattoo(Source)

Moths to a lantern

Moths to a lantern sternum tattoo


Blackwork botanical design

Blackwork botanical sternum tattoo(Source)

Rose-filled triangular glyph



Blackwork butterfly

Blackwork butterfly sternum tattoo


Dotwork design with crescent moon


Hanging flower


Elegant floral work


Geometric dotwork design


Botanical sternum tattoo


Intricate mandala design


Sketch style rose

Sketch style rose tattoo(Source)

Linework florals

Linework florals(Source)

Geometric solar system

Geometric solar system(Source)

Dazzling dotwork eye piece

Dazzling dotwork eye sternum tattoo(Source)

Tiny rose

Tiny rose sternum tattoo(Source)

Faded rose

Faded rose sternum tattoo(Source)

Negative space dotwork design

Negative space dotwork sternum tattoo(Source)

Scrolling florals

Scrolling floral sternum tattoo(Source)

Elegant linework rose

Elegant linework rose on sternum(Source)

Dangling dotwork design

Dangling dotwork sternum tattoo (Source)

Minimalistic hand of fatima

Minimalistic Hand of Fatima sternum tattoo(Source)

 Dynamic mandala piece

Dynamic mandala sternum tattoo(Source)

Watercolor heart

Watercolor heart sternum tattoo(Source)

Wilting carnations

Wilting carnation sternum tattoo(Source)

Delightful doe design

Delightful doe tattoo on sternum(Source)

Crystal sternum tattoo

Gemstone sternum tattoo


Unalome lotus flower

Unalome sternum tattoo


Ornamental lotus flower

Lotus flower sternum tattoo(Source)

Hybrid tribal design

Hybrid tribal sternum tattoo(Source)

Amazing geometric mandala piece

Geometric mandala sternum tattoo


Lace-infused sternum piece

Lace-infused sternum tattoo


Dotwork mandala flower

Dotwork mandala sternum tattoo




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15 Amazingly Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos


1. Mellow colored butterfly tattoo


2. Intricate butterfly foot tattoo


3. 3D butterfly back shoulder tattoo


4. Small colorful butterfly foot tattoo


5. Unique joined butterfly tattoo


6. Tasteful solid color neck butterfly tattoo


7. Behind ear butterfly tattoo


8. Colorful butterfly wrist tattoo


9. Watercolor butterfly back shoulder tattoo


10. Front shoulder butterfly tattoo


11. Tiny black shoulder butterfly tattoos


12. Fairytale butterfly tattoo


13. Black large stomach butterfly tattoo


14. Tiger face butterfly tattoo


15. Butterfly wings on back tattoo