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Celtic Animal Zodiac Symbol Designs

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Celtic Zodiac tattoos

One main characteristic of the Celts was clearly their strong connection to nature and their way of referring to nature as being fundamental in the development of their destiny. The Celtic Zodiac was based on the lunar cycle, the trees were considered sacred and animals were considered as having a deep connection with humans. View here our Zodiac Temporary Tattoos!

The Celtic zodiac signs were correlated with the various meanings attributed by Celts to different animals, thus each sign having its own corresponding animal.

The meaning attributed to each creature is thus correlated with the zodiac sign and brings more details about the personality of the ones born under that sign.

Here are the meanings of the Celtic Zodiac Animal Signs:

Green Dragon (January 21st – February 17th)

Green dragons are colossal creatures that are associated with wisdom and spiritual growth. This animal is very powerful and can be divided between good and evil, so it needs to pay attention how it uses its force. The eyesight of green dragons is very well developed, making them see deeper into the heart of things.

Seahorse (February 19th – March 27th)

The seahorse is a water element, being associated with plenty of mystical abilities such as changing its color to suit the environment, being flexible and full of resources. It is a very patient and affectionate animal who is happy to stick to its family and make the home a priority.

Hawk (March 18th – April 14th)

This Celtic animal sign is represented by the hawk, a bird that is always alert at the surroundings, noticing all the sudden changes. It is a hunter and goes directly after what it wants. Also, the hawk has the ability of seeing the big pictures in life and understanding how everything connects together, thus having an easy time in following the road to success.

Sea Serpent (April 15th – May 12th)

The Sea Serpent Celtic animal is a regenerating creature, having the power of healing and uniting people together with even the smallest detail. The sea serpent has also the advantage of being attractive and knowing how to seduce. On top of all these, it is a guardian and it protects the persons who it cares about, even by attacking.

Fox (May 13th – June 9th)

A wise and cunning animal, the fox know how to handle business in a smart way. This animal sign has an adventurous life and is a very pleasant and fun presence to have around. However, it is also a clever seducer that can win your heart instantly.

White Horse (June 10th – July 7th)

This Celtic animal is as pure and spiritual as it looks like, but at the same time being very strong and determined, caring and helpful. The white horse likes to move around, to travel a lot and is a natural born leader.

Unicorn (July 8th – August 4th)

A very interesting combination of light and darkness, of Sun and Moon, the unicorn has a great endurance and is very smart and loyal. It helps the people around whenever they need it, knowing how to heal and how to take care of them.

Rainbow salmon (August 5th – September 1st)

A very wise and experimented animal, the rainbow salmon knows how to see the bigger picture and overcome challenges very easily. It has secrets and information that not many people acquire and it usually lives a long life.

White Swan (September 2nd – September 29th)

A Celtic animal which is very graceful but also very strong, the swan is a faithful lover and a friend for the whole life. It is capable to change the world around and to reshape things so that they match its desire. The swan is a noble creature, with refined tastes and who likes to know every detail of the things around.

Butterfly (September 30th – October 27th)

The butterfly Celtic animal sign is a very sociable person, who enjoys being all the time around friends and family or even having conversations with strangers on the street. It is a charming person, an optimist and a dreamer.

White Hound (October 28th – November 24th)

A very loyal animal, the white hound has sharp eyesight that allows it to see into the depth of things. The white hound enjoys helping others either through teaching, offering good advice or being a doctor. It also has strong psychic abilities and can mediate conflicts very easily.

Black Horse (November 25th – December 23rd)

The black horse is a natural leader and a powerful athlete, with a strong endurance for effort. It is very well adapted to military environments or sports, where it can very easily be on the top ranks.

Stag (December 24th – January 20th)

A Celtic animal which is very conscious of its surroundings and which protects and defends its friends with courage, the stag is very intelligent and quick. The medical field can be very successful for stags.

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