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Temporary tattoos for your Halloween makeup

October has started, the fall is here and the leaves are starting to turn! But most importantly, Halloween is almost here, and now’s the time to start thinking about your costume. Halloween isn’t only a holiday for kids, so adults too can take this one opportunity in the year to transform themselves for one night.

Halloween makeup with temporary tattoos and 3d FX tattoos

What could be better than to accessorize your costume with temporary tattoos? You can now find all sorts of very high-quality tattoos available. The selection at Tattoo for a Week is wide, so you’ll surely find something great for any price.

Whether you’re looking for something scary or something pretty, something discreet or something impressive, you’re sure to find something. Temporary tattoos can help you create a unique costume that will set you apart. With the right costume and makeup, they can make all the difference.

Here are a few examples of makeup created with temporary tattoos from the website:

Vampire makeup

Vampire makeup created with FX Vampire teeth and the “Vampire’s Kiss” tattoo set

Halloween Clown

Clown makeup created with the Devilish Grin tattoo

little red devillish grin

Zombie Little Red Riding Hood makeup created with the “Bugs & Pus Nitefall” tattoo set.

What if a tattoo isn’t enough and you want to take your costume to the next level? Want makeup with more FX involved? I suggest taking a look at FX teeth and 3D FX Tinsley Transfers tattoos featured on the site.

3D FX tattoos are presented as prosthetics, but are applied like temporary tattoos. With these products, you don’t need to be a makeup expert – applying these effects is child’s play, and the finished result is incredible. They are created so that anyone can achieve movie-worthy special effects. From the unicorn to the vampire or glass shards, you can find whatever you need for any theme.

Here are a few examples of makeup created with Tinsley Transfers FX products:

Glass shards fake 3d tattoos

Makeup created with “Glass Shards” 3D FX Transfers

Unicorn 3d fx tattoo

Unicorn makeup with the “Unicorn” 3D FX Transfers

Devil’s Horns 3D FX Transfers

Makeup created with “Devil’s Horns” 3D FX Transfers

These are only some examples of makeup creations. You can choose your own style and let your imagination run wild to create a personalized costume using temporary tattoos. Create a surprising look and you’re sure to steal the show this Halloween!

Visit the Halloween section of the website and you’ll find all these products and lots of other great products to use on your costume!

* All makeup featured in this article was created by Jenni from the blog “Jenni dans tous ses états.” She is a self-taught artist who is passionate about artistic makeup and character-creation.

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40 Must-See Tattoos For Halloween

40 Must-See Tattoos for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you might feel inspired to celebrate it in ink. It’s a constant reminder of one of the world’s most unique and anticipated holidays. For kids it’s candy and fog-infused punch. For adults, a chance to wear that “special’ outfit that would otherwise be frowned upon. But for die hard Halloween lovers, October 31st is basically heaven on earth. From spooky to silly, here are 40 perfect tattoos to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year. Happy Halloween!

We’re all dead inside.

Haunted house tattoo by Ant Walsh


Upper arm mural.

Halloween mural tattoo by Denis Fabris


Single needle ghost tattoo.

Ghost tattoo by Brian Woo


Blackwork scarecrow.

Blackwork scarecrow tattoo by Felipe Mello


Sketchy demons.

Sketchy demon tattoos by Bonita Caruana


Halloween-themed sleeve.

Halloween-themed sleeve tattoo by Norm Wright Jr


Blackwork bats.

Bat tattoos by CatarinaQ


Watercolor pumpkins.

Watercolor pumpkin tattoos by  Alberto Cuerva



Frankenstein tattoo by Miguel Camarillo


Wooden coffin.

Coffin tattoo by Nicole


Swirling collage.

Halloween tattoo on leg


The Pumpkin King.

The Pumpkin King tattoo by Chelsea Jane


Michael Myers reflection.

Michael Myers knife reflection tattoo by Jenny Semper



Guillotine tattoo by J. Olenik


Creepy clown.

Creepy clown tattoo by Kerry Irvine


Pumpkin patch.

Jack O'Lantern by Bert Electric


Spooky graveyard.

Graveyard tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker


Black cat.

Black cat tattoo by Elizabeth Neronski


Halloween kitty.

Halloween kitty tattoo by Corey Bernhardt


Creepy silhouette.

Scary Halloween tattoo by Twenty One Seven Ink


Matching ghost tattoos.

Matching ghost tattoos by Baibu


Thigh piece.

Halloween thigh tattoo by Marina


Halloween snow globe.

Halloween snow globe tattoo by Shannon Pagliarini


Floral coffin piece.

Floral coffin tattoo by Jenn Siegfried


Toe tats.

Halloween toe tattoos by Maharg Truc


Cool cat tattoo.

Cool cat tattoo by Jeff Bermingham


Tasty Halloween treat.

Halloween cupcake tattoo by Jarvis


Patterned skull.

Patterned skull tattoo by Tiago Oliveira


Frankenstein and his bride.

Frankenstein and his bride by Brian Woo


Vampire teeth.

Vampire teeth tattoo by Barry Barsamian


Count Chocula.

Count Chocula tattoo by Roberto Euan


Halloween forever.

'Halloween forever' on Matthew Salem


Spooky bats.

Spooky bats by Jessica Czernics


Witch on thigh.

Witch tattoo on thigh by Tony Ciavarro


Hyper-realistic black cat.

Hyper-realistic black cat tattoo by Paulo Lopes


Scarecrow tattoo on calf.

Scarecrow calf tattoo by Rodrigo Speck


Witch accessories.

Witch accessories by Dave Leonard


Sketched skull and crow.

Sketched skull and crow tattoo by Hania Sobieski


Leg mural.

Halloween on mural by Bobby T


Jack O’Lantern on hand.

Jack O'Lantern tattoo by Ashley Stover


Think before you ink. Check our temporary Halloween tattoos if you want your Halloween tattoos to be less permanent.

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Halloween tattoos

halloween tattoo  bats

The scariest night of the year is around the corner: Halloween is coming! Halloween has been popular in the United States and the United Kingdom for decades, but these days Halloween fever has spread far and wide across the world. Chances are that Halloween parties or Halloween tours will also be part of your neighborhood this year, and children will take to the streets with that familiar chant of “trick or treat!”

For one crazy, creepy night of the year, most of the fun of Halloween is in dressing the part – and preferably being as scary as possible. Besides masks, wigs and other accessories, temporary Halloween tattoos will add the finishing touch (unless of course you’re so fanatical that you’d prefer a ‘real’ tattoo). This year the choice of Halloween tattoos is vast: from small, cute pumpkins to truly ‘horrifying’ tattoos. This fun ‘scarefest’ seems to have inspired tattoo designers all over the world.

Cute Halloween tattoos

For those of you who are not a big fan of horror and blood, there are many temporary tattoos available that are not so gory, but still make a bold (and suitably creepy) statement:


The laughing pumpkin

little bat halloween tattoo


friendly-ghost-temporary-tattoo halloween

Friendly ghost

halloween cat tattoo glow in the dark

Halloween cat (glows in the dark!)

Wounds and scars

Nothing is as gruesome as someone with a great gaping wound or a horrific looking scar! There are some amazing temporary tattoos on the market that make those wounds and scars seem chillingly realistic.

wound temporary tattooo halloween slit mouth temporary tattoos halloween gun shot wound temporary tattooo halloween

The packets of different tattoos from Tinsley Transfers – aptly named Gorywood – are especially very popular:

Tinsley Gorywood 3

Tinsley Gorywood

Tinsley Gorywood 2

See the full range of wounds and scars from Tattoo For A Week here.

Tinsley Transfers

We have written about Christien Tinsley previously, a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood (read the blog post here). He has built his whole career around designing creepy and gory temporary tattoos. For example, not only the Gorywood packets (see above) but his other designs are also like something straight out of a horror movie.

Tinsley scary 5

Tinsley scary 3

Tinsley halloween 3

Tinsley Halloween

Tinsley skull 2

And let’s not forget the ‘face-tattoos‘ by Christien Tinsley and the temporary tattoos from his zombie series. The scary combination of ‘gruesome’ temporary tattoos together with a creepy Halloween outfit will definitely send chills down the spines of everyone who crosses your path on the night!

See the whole range of Tinsley Transfers here. Tattoo For A Week was chosen as one of only two distributors for the European market!

Extreme make-up

For those of you who plan on doing makeup, Halloween is the perfect occasion to go over the top. Everything and anything goes! With a little practice and ingenuity, you too can imitate these looks. It does not matter if it’s not very neat – that often makes it even creepier!

dia de los muertos halloween scary clown makeup halloween vampire girl halloween makeup zombie alien girl halloween makeup

Many make-up artists are inspired by Halloween because they can really let their imaginations run wild. In the weeks before Halloween, you see also a lot of their work on internet blogs. The designs of this French make-up artist, for example, are really impressive.

Nail varnish

To really round off your look perfectly, why not change your nail polish for the occasion as well? Obviously there are pre-made synthetic nails available, but why not try your hand at your own designs? With only a few colors, and a steady hand, you may be amazed at the result!

halloween nail art cat black and white halloween nail art orange halloween nail art pointy nails halloween nailart blue scary

Dracula or zombie?

Are you ready? Have you decided what you want to be this year? Then finish off your look with temporary tattoos! You’ll find the full Halloween range from Tattoo For A Week here. All our products are anti-allergenic and meet international safety standards. And best of all, we can deliver the tattoo of your choice in just a few days!

We realize only too well that the temporary Halloween tattoos often have to serve for one night only. But those who want to, can still show off their temporary tattoos for a few more days. And for those of you who don’t want to show up at work with a ‘gaping head wound’ or some bats on the arm, the tattoos can be easily removed with Limisan tattoo remover, or with alcohol or any oil.

Happy Halloween!