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Top 20 celebrity tattoos

Do you want to feel fully connected to your idol? Then forget those fan-t shirts, wrist name tags or smart phone cases. They say very little about who your favourite celebrity really is. If you prefer something more personal, then go for for temporary tattoos that are indistinguishable from those that the A-list stars have!Below is an overview of the most popular celebrity tattoos.

1. Robbie Williams’ Maori tattoo

robbie_wiliams_maori_tattooThis is by far Robbie Williams’ most popular tattoo. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. The undulating pattern of the tattoo symbolises the twists and turns that life can take. What to know more? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Robbie Williams.

2. Rihanna’s stars tattoo

rihanna stars tattoo largeRihanna also had several tattoos inked over the years. These elegant small stars adorn her back. The tattoo refers to her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. The stars correspond to the three stars he had tattooed behind his ear. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Rihanna.

3. Lady Gaga’s rhythmic rose tattoo


Although she was initially very proud of her first tattoo, a treble clef on her lower back, she had the tattoo covered up in 2008 with a rose tattoo by renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Lady Gaga.

4. Amy Winehouse’s Cynthia tattoo

amy_winehouse_cynthia_tattooThe famous Cynthia tattoo of Amy Winehouse refers, oddly enough, to her grandmother. It is one of the most popular tattoos of the star, who unfortunately died far too early. Want to know more about her tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Amy Winehouse.

5. Justin Timberlake’s Celtic cross

timberlake_celtic_cross_tattooA large cross is tattooed on Justin’s left arm. Justin comes from Memphis, a city in the so-called ‘Bible belt’ of the US, where religion is very important. Want to find out more about his tattoos? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Justin Timberlake

6. Miley Cyrus’s dreamcatcher

dream-catcher-miley-cyrus-tattooMiley had this dreamcatcher tattoo done in 2011. The real dream catcher hangs above her bed and also has four feathers, which represent her four brothers and sisters. The dreamcatcher is intended to protect them.

7. Amy Winehouse’s Hello Sailor tattoo

amy_winehouse_hello_sailor_tattooDespite her death in 2011, Amy Winehouse is more popular than ever. It is no wonder then that the temporary Amy tattoos are doing very well, including this second tattoo in the list; the famous ‘Hello Sailor’ tattoo, which has that typical vintage look.

8. Pink’s barcode

pink barcode tattooPink is yet another star with an excellent taste in tattoos. The barcode tattoo on her neck contains all kinds of symbolic numbers. ’13′ is her lucky number, ’9879′ is her date of birth and ’112001′ is the release date of her album M!ssundaztood (20 November 2001).

9. Justin Bieber’s owl

justin-bieber-owl-temporary-tattooJustin Bieber has this owl tattooed in 2012. The owl traditionally represents wisdom and was also used during Justin’s ‘Believe’ tour. Want to find out more? Then check out our blog article about the tattoos of Justin Bieber.

10. Sienna Miller’s swallow tattoo

Sienna Miller swallow tattooSwallow tattoos have been around for over 100 years. The British model Sienna Miller therefore chose a very traditional tattoo design, which is now really trendy again.

11. Kate Moss tattoos


That other British model Kate Moss, is also in the top choices when it comes to temporary tattoos. The small tattoos are perfect for those who like to keep them a little more subtle.

12. Chacun à son goût – Robbie Williams

Chacun-A-Son-Gout-Robbie-WilliamsWe see the slogan ‘Chacun a son goût’ on Robbie’s chest, roughly translated as: each to their own taste. It was by far his most painful tattoo. The tattoo artist had to stop every 15 minutes because Robbie could no longer handle it. Fortunately, you can stick on the temporary tattoo painlessly.

13. Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo

pamela_anderson_barbed_wire_tattooBaywatch babe Pamela Anderson still has a lot of allure. Her famous barbed wire tattoo is therefore also very sought after by temporary tattoo fans.

14. Rihanna’s Shhh tattoo

Rihanna shhh tattooRihanna also deserves to appear in this list for a second time. Her ‘Shhh…’ tattoo was copied by incredibly many people, until people began to think it was too unoriginal. But as a temporary tattoo it is of course possible…

15. Britney Spears’s fairy

britney_spears_fairy_tattooBritney Spears’s fairy tattoo is her most famous tattoo. She has it on her lower back. Fairies symbolise childlikeness and fantasy.

16. Demi Lovato’s ‘Stay Strong’ tattoo

stay strong demi lovatoThis is the American singer Demi Lovato’s most famous tattoo. She had the Stay Strong tattoo done in 2011, after she had just been hospitalised for bulimia and self-mutilation. She therefore had the tattoo deliberately inked on the scars on her wrists. She sees them as a reminder to stay positive.

17. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow tattoo

jack sparrow temporary tattooJohnny Depp’s alter ego in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films, is etched in everyone’s memory. This temporary Jack Sparrow tattoo gives you a tough rugged look instantly.

18. What goes around comes around – Pink

pink-what-goes-around-comes-around-temporary-tattooProverbs always do well, both for permanent and temporary tattoos. Pink’s second tattoo in the list, ‘What goes around comes around’, she has had since she was 17. She really believes in karma: whoever does something good gets something good back and vice versa.

19. The Dark Mark from Harry Potter

Dark mark tattoo Harry PotterThere are few books that are as popular with the young and old as the Harry Potter series. Temporary tattoos of the dark mark can therefore not be left out.

20. Marilyn Monroe tattoo

megan-fox-marilyn-monroe-tattoooMarilyn Monroe still very much captures the imagination. Are you going for a sexy, vintage look? Then you can’t go wrong with this temporary tattoo.

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The most popular tats of 2015

Every year, a select handful of tattoo designs end up flooding the mainstream. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that social media is the main driving force behind the proliferation of these inspiring forms of body ink. So, here’s a rundown of the most popular tats of 2015:

1. The “Infinity” sign

This tattoo is a keeper. The infinity sign is a huge hit with the ladies and is usually rather discreet in size. The tat is often combined with a heart or the word “love” (for undying love) or with birds (representing the soul of a deceased loved one, for instance).

infinity tattoo pink leaf love infinity tattoo family birds infinity ring tatttoo love

2. Arrows

Arrow designs of all shapes and kinds were blistering hot picks in 2015. This year, most tattoo artists got requests to do tats like these at least every week.

arrow tattoo side arrow tattoo under arm multiple arrow tattoo

3. Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos can either be permanent or temporary. They stand out for their bright colors that can fade beautifully into one another, and they are most prevalent in the summertime.

crow water color tattoo eagle water color tattoo pink flower water color tattoo

4. “Underboob” tats

Yep, you guessed it! “Underboob” tattoos are inked right under the bosom. Barbadian singer Rihanna has been the most prominent trendsetter for this style of tattoo. They are often incorporated with a Mandala design, which is a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos.

underboob tattoo Rihanna underboob tattoo jewelery Underboob tattoo Mandala

5. Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are gaining increasing popularity in the tattoo market. The designs are becoming so professional-looking that you sometimes can’t even tell them apart from real tattoos. Among the biggest hits are the gold and silver metallic tattoos. One of the more recent trends is the white lace tattoo.

Gold dreamcatcher tattoo - www.tattooforaweek.com music festival bohemian back tattoo temporary-tattoos-white-lace

Itching to see what 2016 has in store? Stay tuned to our blog and you’ll always be on board with the latest tattoo trends!

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Rihanna’s Tattoos: An Overview


Since Rihanna first appeared on the stage in 2005 with her first single ‘Pon de replay’, she has gone through a true metamorphosis. From the innocent little girl with the long, wavy hair, she changed into a sexy, provocative vamp. She has increasingly been depicted in the media with excessive indulgences at parties and with drug use as of late. Her fans are staying loyal to ‘RiRi’ and her music though, and so she currently remains one of the bestselling female artists.

Through the years she also began to explore the world of tattoos more and more. She says she is so intrigued by tattoos that you could almost call it an obsession, or addiction. She has had no less than 23 done, each with a special meaning. We’ll tell you about the main ones.

Rihanna’s first tattoo


Rihanna’s first tattoo dates back to 2006, right at the time her music career was first taking off. So it’s not surprising that her first tattoo is an ode to music: she got a G clef and a musical note done on her foot.


It seems that despite the special meaning of that first tattoo, Rihanna got tired of it after 6 years and and in 2012 she had an Egyptian falcon tattooed over the music tattoo. The tattoo was done by Keith ‘Bang Bang’ Mccurdy, a well-known tattoo artist. He also did some of the other tattoos Rihanna has. He says Rihanna goes into complete ecstasy after she gets a new tattoo. “She jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl that just got a new car.”

The tattoo is an almost exact replica of a 2300-year-old Egyptian falcon that is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Rihanna herself tweeted this about the meaning of the tattoo: “A falcon: a light in the darkness. Never close their eyes when they sleep.”

Rihanna’s hands and fingers


A large portion of Rihanna’s tattoos are on her hands and fingers. On her right hand we find a henna-ish tattoo in the shape of a dragon claw. She had that one done during a concert series in New Zealand. It was one of her most painful tattoos. Rihanna chose to have it done in the traditional ‘Maori’ way. The Maori are the original inhabitants of New Zealand. Her then-boyfriend Chris Brown has the same tattoo. Rihanna declared that the tattoo stands for strength and love.


The Maori tattoo was later incorporated into another henna-style tattoo that covered her whole hand. First the lines and incomplete angles were done (see the lighter colour on the photo), and later the whole tattoo.

Subtle: ‘Love’ and ‘Shhh…’


The middle finger of her left hand says ‘Love’. It is a very subtle tattoo, written in cursive. In pictures this one is especially visible when she makes the peace sign or puts up her middle finger. The meaning of this tattoo is not entirely clear. In the first instance maybe she wants to strengthen her message, but what about when she gives the finger? Her fans can only guess.

Rihanna’s Shhh tattoo

rihanna shhh tattoo
The second subtle finger tattoo is on Rihanna’s index finger and says: ‘Shhh…”. So she can make you shut up by placing her finger in front of her mouth. This tattoo was copied by an incredible number of fans as well as by other celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole.

Rihanna’s ‘pretty face’

It would be such a shame to cover a Rihanna’s pretty face with tattoos. But that did not prevent her from getting a number of subtle tattoos on her neck, shoulders and even her ears.

The little star in her ear was an impulsive tattoo that she got when she was with a girlfriend. The date of birth of the same friend can be found on Rihanna’s left shoulder.


The tattoo behind Rihanna’s right ear is a symbol of her astrological sign, Pisces.

Rihanna stars back tattoo

One of Rihanna’s best-known tattoos starts behind her neck and runs down to her shoulders. Just like the dragon tattoo on her hand, this tattoo also refers to her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. The stars match the three stars that he had tattooed behind his ear.

Being careless, Riri?


On her neck we find the cursive tattoo ‘Rebelle fleur’. Language purists say it should really be ‘Fleur rebelle’ , but ‘Bang Bang’, the tattoo artist, declared that is was written like that on purpose.

It wouldn’t be the first time something went wrong with Rihanna’s tattoos. In 2007, she had a Sanskrit prayer tattooed on her hip. Rihanna wanted it to say: forgiveness, honesty, oppression and control. Instead she got a quote about long-time suffering and fear.

Never a failure, always a lesson


In 2009, Rihanna had her life motto, ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’ tattooed below her right clavicle. The tattoo was purposely written in mirror script, so that she would be reminded of this every time she stands in front of a mirror.

Around and below the breast

Since Rihanna often wears very revealing clothing, we regularly get to see the tattoos she has around and below her breasts.

Rihanna revolver tattoo
On one side she has two smaller tattoos: a revolver on the right and on the left side, in Arabic: “Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh”, which means “Freedom in God”.

Rihanna Nefertiti tattoo
On the other side she also got two bigger tattoos done with a special meaning. One is under her left armpit, just above the Arabic words. It is an image of the Egyptian king Nefertiti, who was known as an icon of beauty.

Rihanna Isis tattoo
For the tattoo below her breast, Rihanna was also inspired by Egyptian mythology. She had the Egyptian goddess Isis put there as a tribute to her late grandmother. Isis is the symbol for the perfect mother and woman.

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Watch our video on Rihanna’s most beautiful tattoos: