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7 Reasons to Date Tattooed Men and Why They are Irresistible

Make no mistake about it, the only thing sexier than a man with a beard is a guy with a body full of tattoos. Guys with tattoos offer up a little peek behind the curtain if you understand how to read between the lines. Many ladies have their own images in their minds about their ideal man, and those traits often can be confirmed when they stumble upon a guy who is covered in ink.

Tattooed men are irrestistable

Photo from: Odyssey.com

Here are 7 reasons to date tattooed men and why they are irresistible, and how there is more that what meets the eyes with a guy covered in body art.

1. A Committed Man

Poll a group of women about one trait they all want in a man, and commitment will be in the top three of the majority of these ladies. Many women will spend their entire lives searching for that one guy who is willing to step up and put a ring on her finger.

Commitment is becoming a lost art these days, replaced with one-liners and stories of big promises with little results. A guy who has tattoos reveals that he does have that commitment gene somewhere inside, because if he is willing to devote his body to ink, he may be willing to go one step further.

There is no turning back once you decide to get inked, and if he is willing to keep his word in this area, she might be able to get him to a long-lasting relationship.

2. The Impulsive Man

There are some women who see impulsiveness as a bad thing, thinking it can sour and destroy a relationship if she takes a chance on this guy. The guy who is willing to get inked on impulse actually reveals a part of himself than can be quite appealing if you look a little past the obvious.

Sure, he may have second thoughts about that tattoo years down the road, but at least he stepped up to the plate and took a swing. How many guys are so wish-washy that they talk all about the things they want to do but never get the job done?

The guy with the tattoos is unafraid to make mistakes, he is easy-going, and he is willing to stand by his choices.

3. The Bad Boy

There is something about the bad boy that really gets those juices flowing in the female species. There are some women who say it is fine to fool around with a bad boy but don’t get too serious or he will break your heart.

Those women must already be married to boring guys and they are just jealous, because dating a bad boy has its benefits. Guys with tattoos ooze that bad boy persona, and this troublemaker around your arm could make you feel safer, vulnerable, and may even help you let out that wild child inside.

Sexy tattooed man on motorbike

Photo from: WeHeartIt.com

Even if he changes his ways for you, those tattoos send out a signal to those around not to mess with either of you.

4. A Compelling Story

The guy with tattoos is a complicated man, he is dynamic, he lives fast, and that multi-layer on the outside is actually harboring a very interesting man inside.

Those ink designs only tell part of the story, he has lived the rest and could fill years talking about what and why he was inspired to get inked. He may be a dreamer at heart, but he is also a doer who steps up to the plate and takes chances.

He knows what he wants, he sticks to the plan, and he allows his imperfections to be there right out in the open. He may even have that dark and passionate side that gets you all warm and fuzzy inside, you just need to help him to release his inner child.

5. Definitely Not a Boring Guy

Take one look at his tattoos and you know right away that this is not a boring guy. When other guys are sitting home watching sports or playing video games with their friends, this guy got inspiration and motivation to head to the tattoo parlor to get inked up.

He is not the guy that sits home and watches Dancing with the Stars with you, he is dragging your to outdoor concerts, a bike rally, or some type of weird convention. Bottom line, you will never be bored when this guy has his way.

His creativity is evident in his body ink, and his colorful visions are only the tip of the iceberg. This guy craves adventure, even in the most laid back and mundane settings.

6. The True Romantic

If romance is something missing from your life, the guy with those tattoos might have the cure to what ails you. The guy that is loaded with tattoos on his body approaches romance is a twisted and knee-bucking manner.

He is mysterious, kind, sensitive, and this only adds to his romantic side. Those tattoos on his body might be covering external and internal scars, so he is bound to be passionate at a level you could only dream about.

Man with text 'Family' tattoed on his arm

Photo from: Slodive.com

Guys today have no idea how to be romantic because they are getting all their advice from the poker tables or gaming sites where they sped most of their time. The guy with tattoos is willing to focus all his attention on what he wants, and if you are in his sights, you better hold on with both hands and enjoy the ride.

7. The Honest Man

For some women, an honest man is all they need in order to be happy. Now take a close look at this guy with the tattoos, it is hard to imagine this guy being anything but honest in everything that he does.

Every tattoo on his body tells a story that is near and dear to his heart, he isn’t going to invest time, money, and space on his body to ink up with lies. He is already in the habit of putting himself out there, so you can bet when he talk or acts, he is coming from a place of sincerity.

This guy with tattoos is already aware of any mistakes that he has made in his life and he can own up to them. These tattoos are part of his unique story, and they in turn have made his the man you see today.

Tattoed men are honnest                                              Photo from: s21.postimg.org

So we have briefly touched on the 7 reasons to date tattooed men and why they are irresistible. By now you may either be looking at these tattooed guys with a different perspective or it has only confirmed what you knew all along.

These tattoos are giving you a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the man without him having to speak a word, allowing you the chance to proceed from a distance with caution before you fall in too deep.

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7 Awesome Reasons to Date Tattooed Women

Make no mistake about it, the female body is a work of art. Now, add in some brightly colored body ink and you have transformed a beautiful thing into a spectacular one. Feminine beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and although they range in weight, hair color, and age, a lady covered in tattoos just seems to have a different level of dignity and confidence.
Just like the clothes that she wears, each tattoo gives each woman a completely different appeal. Girls with tattoos are definitely keepers, if you are not convinced, keep reading the following information of the 7 awesome reasons to be dating tattooed women.

Beautiful tattooed woman

1. She is Her Own Woman

There is no mistake that a tattooed woman is a complete individual, and she is not afraid to showcase her personality to the world. She does not waver on what she stands for, and she really believes in herself.

This girl is not easily swayed by the opinions of others, she knows who she is and her tattoos are an expression of her individuality. Tattooed girls are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, in fact, she thrives on being especially brave.

2. Easy to Get to Know

If you want to get to know a tattooed woman, just get close enough to look at her body ink and you will see what she really is all about. She is not afraid to literally wear her heart on her sleeve, so you can get a unique peek of her inner personality and spark up a conversation quite easily.

Tattooed woman

If you can connect with her ink, connecting with the girl is a breeze. She took the time to carefully choose her tattoo, so if you are taking notice, she is going to open up further and let you in just a little further. The easiest way to her heart, simply follow the ink and make sure you are paying close attention.

3. A Courageous Woman

Is there really anything sexier than a courageous woman? Must be why so many movies with super heroes who are women have been dominating the big screens in recent years. A woman who gets a tattoo is a super hero in her own right, she is a brave individual who is packed with endurance.

She can be a fearless fighter, and she knows exactly how much courage it takes to care for those around her. Not only will she always have your back, character is everything to her, and tattoos are a deeper expression of what she is made of. She isn’t afraid to say who she is, stand for what she believes, and fight for what she loves.

4. A Passionate Woman

One of the most appealing and sexy things about a woman is her passion, and passionate woman are all about getting inked. To a tattooed girl, her body ink is a part of her, they have life and they actually speak to you if you listen close enough.

Each tattoo that she has tells a story that she was so passionate about that she decided that it needed to become part of her body forever. She is passionate about life, love, and those who get to see all of her body.

These tattoos remind her on a daily basis of the most important things in her life. Just imagine for a minute if you connected on a sexual level with a tattooed woman, how intense that relationship would be.

Beautiful tattooed woman in bikini

5. A Committed Woman

If you have any reservations about finding a woman who will be committed to you, choosing a girl with body ink is an absolute step in the right direction. A tattooed woman tells you right up front that she is committed because she has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to what she has chosen to get inked on the body.

Her personality is to take things to the end, no games, all in, until the job is done. A committed woman is a passionate woman, a confident girl that you need to hold on to with both hands because they don’t come along too often.

6. The Mysterious Woman

If you knew everything about her before dating her, it could get boring real quick. If there was no excitement, no fire, no passion, then you are not going to commit to this relationship for any period. A tattooed woman has a dark side that really is intriguing, and for many guys it could take years to unravel her mysteries.

These tattooed woman are like dark thriller novels, and this mystery simply never gets old. Dating a girl with tattoos is all about not knowing what to expect from her, keeping things fresh, and watching this romance blossom on her terms.

Lethal tattooed woman

7. She is a Bad Ass

For all the reasons we talked about already and more, dating a tattooed woman is incredible. Think about it, this girl is a complete bad ass, and she doesn’t apologize for who she is, and that just adds to her allure.

She doesn’t need a black leather jacket, she doesn’t need any goth makeup, and she doesn’t need to talk the talk. Her tattoos allow her to project the image of a bad ass, and anyone within a few feet already feels her personality fill the room.

The ink is hers, she owns it, and she will get right in your face if need be. There is something sexy about a girl who can take care of herself.

So there you go, seven reasons you should be dating a tattooed woman! She really has it all, she is confident and outspoken. This girl tells it like it is, she believes in herself, and she is passionate about those things she is connected to.

She has a mysterious side that helps to keep the relationship on edge, you just want to keep turning the pages of this thriller and get deeper and deeper into her story. She is everything and more that you want in the perfect relationship, and once you find her, try your best to hold on to her.


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40 Must-See Tattoos For Halloween

40 Must-See Tattoos for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you might feel inspired to celebrate it in ink. It’s a constant reminder of one of the world’s most unique and anticipated holidays. For kids it’s candy and fog-infused punch. For adults, a chance to wear that “special’ outfit that would otherwise be frowned upon. But for die hard Halloween lovers, October 31st is basically heaven on earth. From spooky to silly, here are 40 perfect tattoos to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year. Happy Halloween!

We’re all dead inside.

Haunted house tattoo by Ant Walsh


Upper arm mural.

Halloween mural tattoo by Denis Fabris


Single needle ghost tattoo.

Ghost tattoo by Brian Woo


Blackwork scarecrow.

Blackwork scarecrow tattoo by Felipe Mello


Sketchy demons.

Sketchy demon tattoos by Bonita Caruana


Halloween-themed sleeve.

Halloween-themed sleeve tattoo by Norm Wright Jr


Blackwork bats.

Bat tattoos by CatarinaQ


Watercolor pumpkins.

Watercolor pumpkin tattoos by  Alberto Cuerva



Frankenstein tattoo by Miguel Camarillo


Wooden coffin.

Coffin tattoo by Nicole


Swirling collage.

Halloween tattoo on leg


The Pumpkin King.

The Pumpkin King tattoo by Chelsea Jane


Michael Myers reflection.

Michael Myers knife reflection tattoo by Jenny Semper



Guillotine tattoo by J. Olenik


Creepy clown.

Creepy clown tattoo by Kerry Irvine


Pumpkin patch.

Jack O'Lantern by Bert Electric


Spooky graveyard.

Graveyard tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker


Black cat.

Black cat tattoo by Elizabeth Neronski


Halloween kitty.

Halloween kitty tattoo by Corey Bernhardt


Creepy silhouette.

Scary Halloween tattoo by Twenty One Seven Ink


Matching ghost tattoos.

Matching ghost tattoos by Baibu


Thigh piece.

Halloween thigh tattoo by Marina


Halloween snow globe.

Halloween snow globe tattoo by Shannon Pagliarini


Floral coffin piece.

Floral coffin tattoo by Jenn Siegfried


Toe tats.

Halloween toe tattoos by Maharg Truc


Cool cat tattoo.

Cool cat tattoo by Jeff Bermingham


Tasty Halloween treat.

Halloween cupcake tattoo by Jarvis


Patterned skull.

Patterned skull tattoo by Tiago Oliveira


Frankenstein and his bride.

Frankenstein and his bride by Brian Woo


Vampire teeth.

Vampire teeth tattoo by Barry Barsamian


Count Chocula.

Count Chocula tattoo by Roberto Euan


Halloween forever.

'Halloween forever' on Matthew Salem


Spooky bats.

Spooky bats by Jessica Czernics


Witch on thigh.

Witch tattoo on thigh by Tony Ciavarro


Hyper-realistic black cat.

Hyper-realistic black cat tattoo by Paulo Lopes


Scarecrow tattoo on calf.

Scarecrow calf tattoo by Rodrigo Speck


Witch accessories.

Witch accessories by Dave Leonard


Sketched skull and crow.

Sketched skull and crow tattoo by Hania Sobieski


Leg mural.

Halloween on mural by Bobby T


Jack O’Lantern on hand.

Jack O'Lantern tattoo by Ashley Stover


Think before you ink. Check our temporary Halloween tattoos if you want your Halloween tattoos to be less permanent.