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Temporary tattoos for art-lovers: Art Tats

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017


Who’s never wanted to sport a work of art on their body? Still, it’s hard to take that leap and get a real tattoo of a work of art, which is why temporary tattoos are the perfect solution.

Starting a few months ago, you can now find Art Tats on the Tattoo for a week website.

Art Tats are a selection of reproductions of works by great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh and even more contemporary ones such as the enigmatic Banksy.

Art fans will love them because they can now showcase their favorite works of art on their own skin. There’s really something for everyone, from Banksy’s tiny Panda With Guns, to Gustav Klimt’s more colorful The Kiss. You’ll find them in different sizes and colors or in black and white.

You can wear these tats every day or just for one night…



They can also be used as artistic makeup or to accessorize as part of a costume, like this wall-themed makeup fully dedicated to the urban art of Banksy.

banksy banksy3

They are very high-quality and are easy to apply, like any other temporary tattoo. You’ll make a splash for sure!

You can even try them out so you’ll be sure to choose the right position for your future tattoo!


In short, if you love art and you want to show it, be sure to check out these Art Tats.

* all makeup by Jenni from the blog  “Jenni dans tous ses états“.

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